Water Testing Survey

Worldwide, almost 1.1 billion people lack access to safe and potable water – that’s almost 1 in 6 people while 2.8 billion people are affected by the shortage of water.

Project Objective

Sustained safe drinking water supply and sanitation facilities are essential to improve the living conditions of the rural population. The provision of safe water helps combat water borne diseases and improves community health in general. Safe water supply has far reaching benefits that are not just limited to considerations of public health, but have a positive influence on the general well being, economic status and quality of life in a community.

Project Introduction

The main objective of survey is to assess the quality of the water supplied by the supply corporation. Samples are taken from locations that are representative of the water source;
  • Treatment plant
  • Storage facilities
  • Distribution network
  • Points at which water is delivered to the consumer
  • Points of use and checked for whether or not they are suitable for drinking.

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