Swachhata Feedback Device

In an attempt to improve the nation’s sanitation experience and tackle the poor hygiene of public toilets, representatives from the Ministry of Urban Development in India have approached Swachh Bharat directors to install Swachhata feedback devices inside public toilets.

The device will have three buttons coloured green, yellow and red with matching emotions — for example, a smiley on green button and a frowning face on red. Users can choose the button that best represents their experience, and the feedback goes to the urban local body.

In case of continuous negative feedback, the government would send an SMS to the establishment for corrective action. The ministry has also called for installing these devices toilets built by states.

Each feedback device is fitted with GPRS modem and a data SIM for back-end connectivity to the server. The performance index will be measured on an online dashboard and the urban local body will send an SMS to the caretaker for corrective action if the feedback is bad. An escalation SMS to higher management levels will be sent if feedback does not improve.

Presently Venvik Tech Solutions is implementing this project in Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Andhra, Karnataka, Haryana, Odisha, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

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