Soil Health Survey

Soil health is an assessment of how well soil performs all of its functions now and how those functions are being preserved for future use.

Project Introduction

Indian agriculture remains predominantly rainfed, covering about 60% of the country’s net sown area which accounts for 40% of the total food production. Thus, conservation of natural resources in conjunction with development of rainfed agriculture holds the key to meet burgeoning demands for food grain in the country.

Project Mission

Out of others, Soil Health Management (SHM) is one of the most important intervention of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA).
  • A detailed soil survey generates detailed information on soil and land characteristics of the priority area.
  • Study of soils involve morphological examination of soils in the field followed by analysis of soil samples in the soil laboratory and processing maps in the cartographic laboratory.
  • Selected high priority sub watersheds are taken up for detailed soil survey to generate detailed data base on soils which are prerequisites for formulation of village level plan.
  • The data generated out of soil survey could be interpreted to derive base information on the use potential of land or various utilitarian purposes.

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