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All the changes summarised under various council meet are .... read more

It was a great privilege and an honor for Venvik Tech Solutions to be a part of GST, E-Way Bill & GST Suvidha Kendra ‘AWARENESS CAMPAIGN’ with an initiative by approaching and joining hands with GST Commissionerate Office, Vadodara on 10th May, more

Andhra Pradesh, 12th December, 2017: Shri Modugula Venugopal Reddy, Member of the Legislative Assembly today inaugurated State office of Venvik Tech Solutions & GST Suvidha Kendra in Guntur... read more

New Delhi, 29th November, 2017: Hon’ble Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, MP-Lok Sabha & National Spokesperson of BJP today inaugurated Venvik GST Suvidha Kendra in New Delhi.... read more
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Haryana, 19th November, 2017: Press Event

Bhubaneswar, 9th November, 2017: Shri Jual Oram, Ministry of Tribal Affairs today inaugurated Venvik's State Partners Office and Venvik GST Suvidha Kendra in Bhubaneswar... read more