Failing health doesn’t spare anyone. Let us provide the people of our country with correct healthcare in their health and in their illness.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers known as NABH is committed to support improvement of quality of healthcare service in our country for all strata of the population through various methodologies and tools to supplement the efforts of the providers of healthcare service and the requirements of the system at various levels.
NABH therefore intends to be a robust, accessible and competent organisation to compliment the healthcare system to improve its efficiency and the predictability of healthcare outcomes.


Quality control & improvement

Accreditation enables healthcare organization to commitment to continuous quality control and stimulates continuous quality improvement.

Beneficial to patients and workers

Patients & Healthcare workers are the most benefited from accreditation.

High quality implementation

NABH accreditation results in high quality implementation in medical services.

Work Satisfaction

The Medical health workers are satisfied lot as it provides for continuous learning and capacity building of employees.

Predefined Procedures

We works on predefined step by step procedures of standards and use current practices in the quality development & implementation.

Paper Less System

We believe in paper less system of working, assist to reduce documentation burden of healthcare organization

Well Experienced Team

We have team of well experienced assessors, assist to achieve accreditation. We constantly strive to improve quality of our services.