HTML Tagging

Firstly, HTML is short form of “Hyper Text Markup Language”. It is a language for describing web-pages using ordinary text.

This project aims at reducing costs of the publishing houses and firms. The project involves conversion of scanned images into Notepad format and / or digitization of archives. Scanned images shall be given and these shall have to be converted into a particular format according to given specifications. All the work to be done in ENGLISH LANGUAGE only

E publishing is a continuous activity, regardless of IT slowdown or any kind of virus outbreak.
E publishing is 17% of the business cost, so it is a function that is always necessary. It is probably the safest business processes to be in at this time or in the future.

Presently, Venvik possess a dedicated computer lab of 25 systems with 10 MBPS internet speed. The connectivity through a fully networked campus with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, computing & communication resources, offers the facilities of e-mail, net surfing, uploading & downloading of web based application. For the initial stage of this project a group of 50 Data Entry Analyst works in shifts.

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