• Register yourself with us to Setup your GST Suvidha Kendra with affiliation from us and become a GST Suvidha Provider in your own city.

  • Some basic requirements like commercial space, technical equipments like computer, morpho device etc. will to be verified.

  • Once the payment is transferred, certain documents are required to be submitted for verification of the individual.

  • Once all the formalities are done with, you will be provided with the login credentials to start the work and will also be provided with a 2 weeks training to ensure smooth workflow.

Requirements to Set Up

    Basic understanding of GST

    Minimum 100 sq. ft. area

    Dedicated GST filing resource

    Basic Equipments like computer, scanner, printer, Morpho device etc.


  • Setup Business in your town at nominal charges

  • Help Businesses file for GST Returns

  • Enjoy Unlimited Returns and GSTINs

  • Highly Effective sales support

  • Fast and simple setup

  • Get a customised Venvik platform for filing GST

  • Receive professional training

Frequently Asked Questions

A GSP or a GST Suvidha Provider, provides the taxpayers with an easy and convenient web platform to follow the provisions of the GST laws.

Yes, GSPs can charge the taxpayers according to the services provided to them. Venvik has designed a lucrative billing system for the same to attract the maximum number of taxpayers to avail your services.

Yes, while the Suvidha Kendra can be located anywhere in India, it is a must to have a data centre in India and Venvik Tech. Solutions acts just like that and takes care of the centralised data network for you.

We provide highly effective sales support that makes you visible to all the audience looking for GST Suvidha Kendras to help them with the GST application, filing and returns process.